German reading room

It was opened in 2002 on the initiative of the German cultural center named after Goethe in the framework of the project "German reading rooms". This hall is one of the 16 halls operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is a resource center for information about the Federal Republic of Germany, a place for meetings and communication.

The hall's collection includes more than 3500 publications in German, 18 titles of periodicals. These are the books on the history of German culture, literature and art, philosophy and psychology, as well as videos of historical and regional content, audiobooks of modern German writers, music, art and documentaries. Every year, the hall's collection is updated with modern reference books.

For German teachers and students there is a wide range of educational and reference literature and interactive courses, a selection of educational Internet resources, as well as the Onleihe service – an online electronic library subscription of the Goethe Institute for the access to e-books, audio recordings, and electronic press.

German reading room organizes events on various topics. Every year, as part of the projects of the German cultural center Goethe in Moscow, whose partner is the German reading room, hosts traditional literary readings, creative meetings, and book exhibitions.

During the period of operation of the German reading room, more than 70 events were held, the most popular of them being: German film Week, German language Days, translation contests, the National project in support of reading in German LeWiS, literary meetings and round tables with famous German writers (within the Year of German language and literature).

The German reading room is actively in promoting the study of the German language and provides free consultations on education, internships in Germany with the involvement of consultants, lecturers from the Goethe Institute in Moscow, as well as from Germany.


Reading room. Publications in foreign languages.

The hall of publications in foreign languages has existed since the opening of the National library and has always been a center of attraction for all those who study foreign languages or already know them. The Fund of the hall allows you to meet a variety of requests. Here you can find literature in almost all the most famous languages of the world. The Department's collection contains unique literature on narrow aspects of linguistics, which is in constant demand among University students, postgraduates and teachers. In addition, dictionaries and literature in rare languages can be found in the Department's collection.

For those who are interested in art, there are magnificent albums of reproductions of works by English and French artists received as a gift.

Special literature in the language of Humanities and exact Sciences is in great demand among postgraduates. These publications are almost nowhere else to be found in our city.

The most extensive, popular and regularly replenished funds are the Fund of English, French, and German languages.

Children's literature in a foreign language offers unique publications for reading and learning languages.

At present the volume of the Fund is 37,261 units of printed publications.

Since its foundation, the hall of publications in foreign languages regularly holds meetings with foreign writers and native speakers, thus complementing the main function of the hall - the promotion and popularization of foreign language learning. And this is possible due to friendly and close cooperation with communities, organizations, and individuals who have a direct or indirect relationship to foreign languages.