Electronic documents delivery


Electronic document delivery (EDD) makes it possible to obtain an electronic copy of printed documents from the collections of libraries in Russia.

Electronic copies can be obtained from the library collections of the NL of RB:

  • articles published in collections and periodicals;
  • fragments (up to 15 %) of works protected by copyright;
  • works of the print which are not objects of copyright (official and normative documents; works expired terms of copyright) in full.

The received electronic documents are allowed to be used for educational and research purposes, as well as for citation for polemical, critical and informational purposes to the extent justified by the purpose of citation.

Electronic documents received from NB of RB are not subject to reproduction, replication and distribution for profit.

After receiving the order and checking the availability of the source in the Fund of NB of RB within 2 days, the customer is notified (by e-mail or by phone) about the possibility of fulfilling the order and its cost. Further, the customer confirms the order or refuses it.

Terms of execution of orders for copies of documents from other libraries are determined by the library-Fund holder.

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