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About MERCHANT F. E. CHIZHOV’s house

The library readers service Department (Building #2) is located in the mansion of the merchant F. E. Chizhov (1811-1877). The owner of this house was an extraordinary person: born into a peasant family, he became the owner of a large logging factory, famous not only for being a successful entrepreneur, but also in the development of industrial, cultural and social life of the region. A social activist and philanthropist, he used to publish several Newspapers and magazines, and was the mayor of Ufa. This house is one of the few surviving historical buildings. A beautiful double-storey mansion of F. E. Chizhov was built in the 80’s of the XIX century in the style of late eclecticism with modern elements. The house presents a combination of modern and classic architectural solutions. The artist I.P. Meshalkin used sketches made from the Cappella Sistina in its decoration. Visitors to the library will enjoy the atmosphere of antiquity, and high ceilings and spacious halls create excellent conditions for imagination and creativity.

Today, merchant Chizhov’s house is officially a historical and architectural monument of regional significance. Due to the fact that the building was preserved almost in its original form, today it is possible to evaluate it from a historical point of view.

A visit to the mansion with an immersion in the atmosphere of that time is great both for residents of Ufa and guests of the city. The library's collection consists of more than three million publications, including ancient books. Visiting the library also gives a chance to have a look at the monument of urban architecture. A tour to merchant Chizhov's house will give the young generation cultural and historical experience, instill into spiritual values, and form a cultural identity of the individual. The younger generation will be imbued with socially significant values, and will form their own personal view of the history and culture of the region. Guests of the city will also be very interested in this historical excursion into the history of one of the famous houses and people of Ufa.

Head of the Department: Lilia Musina


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri 10:00–20:00, Sat 10:00–18:00

Last day of the Month – cleaning day, the library is closed.

Loan Department

Here you will find:

- works of fiction;

- professional literature (psychology, religion, medicine, marketing, history, etc.);

- books for children;

- books of school and University program;

- original and translated classics;

- the literature of contemporary authors;

- literature of popular genres (biographies, detective stories, travel guides);

- and much more.

Loan Department regularly introduces users to its new products. Members of staff can arrange tours at the Chizhov’s mansion. All the halls of the library make up a huge information space for development, training, education and science.        

Hall of published music and audio recordings

Opened in May 1960. The hall's collection includes more than 77,000 copies, music publications, books, textbooks and audio-visual materials. The hall receives collections of works by classics of Russian and foreign music. There are separate editions of works by Russian, foreign, Soviet and Bashkir composers. Among the music publications there are scores of symphonies and concerts, claviers of operas, ballets and operettas, romances, songs, choral works and works for various musical instruments.

         The hall stores a unique collection of handwritten editions of Bashkir composers (more than 2000 copies). There are also textbooks and monographs on the history and theory of music, biographies of composers and performers, magazines "Music Academy", "Musical life", "Ramp", etc.

            All music editions are listed in alphabetical and systematic catalogues according to the type of work and the musical instrument for which the work is written.                  

The music library of the hall has more than 3000 items: records, CDs and MP3s. There are two pianos in the hall.

        Thematic exhibitions are regularly organized (confined to significant dates of composers and cultural figures, new receipts of printed music and books). Musical meetings with composers of Bashkortostan, artists of the Opera and Ballet Theater, Philharmonic society, teachers and students of musical educational institutions take place on a regular basis.

          It has become a good tradition to open exhibitions of works by both famous artists and beginners in the large and small halls.